Online reservations Now available We are primarily a walk-in barbers shop, but due to covid 19 we are excited to
provide online bookings, that are now available here - Book Now
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On returning you’ll see many changes in the shop -
*Staff will be in full PPE /changed after each client.
*Disposable cutting gowns worn /clean gown underneath.
*Screen visors.
*Total sanitation between each client.
*Clean neck brush per client.
*Sanitation of hands - sanitiser/ wash hands as soon as you come in to the shop.
*Clean / sterile combs scissors (all tools used).

Please note we are currently unable to cut beards at this present time due to removing of mask.

A full covid 19 risk assessment has been carried out, alongside covid 19 prevention training
Please Click Here for Alicia's Barbers 2020 price list.

Alicia's Barbers est. 2010